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Welcoming The Glory Realm

The spirit realm was made with the materiality of light. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. When God created the spirit realm, He spoke what was inside Him outside to birth the materiality of the spirit realm. He spoke out a world of reality. It is with this same light that God created the heavens and the earth.

Now, many of us don't know what light is. This light we are talking about is not physical light. There are different kinds of lights. There are divine lights and there are physical lights. These two kinds of light are two different kinds of energies.

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Operating in the Glory Realm

The Hebrew word K'vod is translated chabod or kabod, and means weight or weightiness.

Glory is the definition we most often attribute to this word, but it also means honour, power, dignity, authority, splendour and magnificence.

The word K'vod comes from a root word meaning "to be heavy, to be glorious, and to be honourable".

When we pray and praise the Lord asking for His glory and His presence to dwell in our midst, we are asking that His presence, His magnificence, His splendour and His power will be displayed among us.

Looking at this meaning we can say that glory is everything that God is, wrapped up in Him.