Welcoming The Glory Realm

The spirit realm was made with the materiality of light. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. When God created the spirit realm, He spoke what was inside Him outside to birth the materiality of the spirit realm. He spoke out a world of reality. It is with this same light that God created the heavens and the earth.

Now, many of us don't know what light is. This light we are talking about is not physical light. There are different kinds of lights. There are divine lights and there are physical lights. These two kinds of light are two different kinds of energies.

There's divine energy and there's physical energy. For example in the physical, the light in your light bulb came from electric energy. Meaning it is electric energy or chemical energy that produces physical light. All kinds of lights in the physical are produced by electric or chemical energy, including the light of the Sun. The same way, the light of God shines from His divine energy.

The deepest core of God’s existence is divine love and that's why He is called love and love is the greatest.

This is the core reality/substance of God. From this divine love which is His most essential nature, flows life.

This is why you will see the river of life being mentioned a lot of time in the throne room in the scriptures. This river of life flows from the love of God. Meaning, without love, we have no life. Life flows from love. And He revealed to me that this DIVINE LIFE is His Divine Energy which produces Divine Light.

When you have a new encounter with God, the light that shines is from the divine life or divine energy. So love gives birth to life and life gives birth to light. John 1:4 (Tree of Life Version) In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. Just like in the physical, a metal is the deepest core of the bulb that electrical energy flows from and then light shines. Everything that was created came from this divine love of God, divine life or divine energy of God, divine light of God. And this sequence was revealed in Genesis one. God existed before the beginning. Meaning, divine love has been in existence before everything else. Psalm 90:2 (The Passion Translation)

Long before you gave birth to the earth and before the mountains were born, you have been from everlasting to everlasting, the one and only true God.

Then the river of life began to flow, vibrated and brooded over the darkness or emptiness.

Then God spoke light into existence, which resulted in the creation.

Note that the river of life is also the Spirit of God. So to move in the highest level of the prophetic, we have to abide in the deepest core of God which is divine love. This divine love is where everything began. So to know even the deepest part of God and not just the details of humans, we need to abide in the consciousness of God's love. It is through this that we can walk in the highest level of the prophetic. Everything that was created came from a consciousness, which is the consciousness of the divine.

This highest consciousness where everything emanated from is called DIVINE LOVE. This is also the highest form of existence, which is God. This highest form of existence is called ETERNAL LIFE. No angel has this form.

As we see after love is life then light. Angels are made from light and not even life, let alone love.

Meaning, angels have the nature of light. They don't have the nature of divine life or the nature of divine love.

The only creatures that have the nature of divine life and divine love in their spirits are the new creatures in CHRIST.

This is why the angels marvel at our existence because we carry the highest level of existence in our spirit which they don't have.

Everything created was formed by the light of God, which came from the Word or the divine sound energy that God released from the beginning. Everything in existence has this divine sound energy in it. And this is why creation, creatures including angels can respond to God's word on our lips. It is through this divine energy of God that they were created.

This word or sound energy came from the highest consciousness of God, which is divine love. And this is CHRIST! CHRIST is God. Christ is divine love. Christ is the highest form of existence and consciousness. The more you are aware of Christ in you, the more you can see all that is in Him, the spirit realm inclusive.

The fact is that the eyes of our spirit are always open. Our spirit isn't blind. It is impossible for our spirit to be blind. Many of us can't see into the spirit realm because of the impurities in our soul. Remember the saying of Jesus, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." So our spirit is not blind. Our soul is the issue.

The more our soul is washed with the Word of God, the more we will be able to see into the spirit.

This is why meditations are so important. Meditations purify our soul or our heart. Christ is the Word, and the more we meditate on Christ, the more our heart or soul is purified. The more we can see into the spirit realm. So what do we do? Start working diligently on our Christ meditations. Go through the teachings on Christ meditations and start practicing it. This is my secret.

This is what I do on a daily basis. This is what makes it easy for me to walk in the prophetic and healing. When our heart is focused on Christ we will be love conscious and whatever we do will be from love. We will move in the prophetic to show God's love and not just to prove a point. And we will also heal the sick to show God's love and not just to show that we are powerful.


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