Pray With the Word.


101 prayers : It is to open the hearts of people to pray with the word of God.This tool will help you pray with the word of God effectively. It is not what you want or how you chant your prayers that matters much in the spirit realm. It is the Word of God that rules there. Your prayers will have more power and produce more effect when they are saturated with God’s Word.

So, in praying the prayers in this tool take time to read the scriptures that is recommended and personalize them. If after reading a scripture, you feel like praying some other way before coming back to this outline, that’s okay.

Pray With Authority : Please do not recite the prayer points in this tool. That is, do not just read them only and say you have prayed. The prayer points are just guides. As you read out one, spend time praying it through with words the Holy Spirit puts in your heart.

Fasting : Fasting is a key to the impossible. If you go through the Bible, you’ll notice that many difficult problems and situations were addressed by ‘FASTED’ PRAYER. I describe fasting as fastening your prayer. Jesus said that some problems can only be handled by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21). Fasting increases the power of prayer several times over. As you separate seven days for prayers, you are encouraged to add fasting.

Types of Fasting : There are different kinds of fasting. However, that is not the focus of this tool. But whatever kind of fasting you can do, that is okay. I usually encourage people to drink water when they are fasting. If you can skip dinner to pray these prayers effectively in the night, that’s better. Whichever kind of fasting you decide to do, whether it is 6-10am, 6-12:00 noon, 6PM-6AM, that’s okay. If you have not fasted before, it’s advised that you start small and grow with time.