Operating in the Glory Realm

The Hebrew word K'vod is translated chabod or kabod, and means weight or weightiness.

Glory is the definition we most often attribute to this word, but it also means honour, power, dignity, authority, splendour and magnificence.

The word K'vod comes from a root word meaning "to be heavy, to be glorious, and to be honourable".

When we pray and praise the Lord asking for His glory and His presence to dwell in our midst, we are asking that His presence, His magnificence, His splendour and His power will be displayed among us.

Looking at this meaning we can say that glory is everything that God is, wrapped up in Him.

He is honour, He is power, He is dignity, He is authority, He is splendour, He is holy, He is magnificent, and so all these words are just the nature of God which is His glory. When God gives His glory, He gives Himself. He cannot parcel Himself out in pieces; no man receives a portion, but all of Him. The one who receives His love also gets His mercy, His holiness, and His strength.

The one who receives His mercy also gets His love and everything else that is the fullness of God.

So many preachers have said that the glory of God is wealth because the first time we see the word glory in the bible is when we read about our father Abraham in the Book of Genesis.

He was a man that was truly blessed and was a blessing to many: he lived under the glory of God which was the covenant God made with him that he would be a blessing to nations. The glory can be seen as wealth because God wants us to prosper and live in abundance on earth but there is more to the glory of God than wealth.

The reason why Abraham was able to live the life he did is because he understood God and was a friend of God; he lived by faith in God and was a worshipper of God in every way.

We see that is just one aspect of the glory of God that Abraham experienced in his life and not the fullness of the glory of God.

He caught the revelation of God the provider and lived it. We will return to father Abraham later on so let’s get back to what is the meaning of the glory of God. The glory of God is the divine nature of God, it is who He is. God is glory so everything that comes from Him is His glory. This is awesome because we are able to know the personality and realities of God through His glory. That is the glory of God: That He gives Himself in fullness and never partially.

And those who seek the glory of God must learn that God truly desires to give Himself to us, which means He wants us to enjoy fullness.

The glory of God is more than His fullness - it is His fullness offered! It is His fullness placed at our disposal.

It is an all-powerful God giving His fullness to His Son, who brought it to man as a man, who in turn showed us how to appreciate it and live in it on a daily basis.

The glory of God is the divine nature of God We must understand what the glory is in order to catch the revelation of the glory of God.

If we lose sight of what the glory is then we can’t fully understand the glory of God itself.

As I said earlier the glory of God is His divine nature, His fullness and who He is.

Now let’s look at the glory of God in its full context.

The glory of God is a substance. It is the tangible manifestation of God’s presence.

The glory of God is a substance that manifests in a natural realm. Although it is a spiritual substance, it can manifest in a natural realm. For example, we cannot touch water vapour. we could try to catch water vapour but we cannot because it is in a gaseous state.

But when water is condensed into liquid or solid form, it becomes tangible. In the same way, the glory of God is invisible in the spirit realm yet God can cause a condensation to take place. God can cause a solidification of His glory upon a place, upon a person, upon a house.

God’s glory is generally His presence bestowed upon this world, just like the air that surrounds this world. The glory of God is the manifested presence of God in every part of our lives. It is His manifestation that comes into play for us to encounter and experience Him. We can all have a taste of God’s glory on a daily basis as we live our lives committed to God.

God can cause His presence to be condensed and solidified in a certain place to make it tangible. Like, for example, in the burning bush that Moses saw, it was the glory of God’s presence on the bush. And the glory of God was tangible. It was visible. The bush burned and yet was not consumed; the glory of God can rest upon a physical object.

Sometimes when we worship God, the glory of God can condense in that place and we feel the presence of God in that place. But when we walk away from that place, suddenly we do not feel the tangible presence anymore. As long as We are in that place, we feel the presence.

The glory of God has an ability to hover over an object or over a place. It is time for us to live out the glory of God in our lives daily, where people can begin to see it all over us at work, in school, college or university, at home, in church.


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